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Experience the oldest travel of the world: Transhumance.
Since millenniums, livestocks and humans used to seasonally share the same road made of grass and ground. Now animals don't need to walk through it, because human technology has found faster ways to move them. But humans still have the ancestral need to walk through it. This movie is about walk, it's a documentary but it's not, it's a description of the feeling to be on a way where a lot of people were, in other times. On a road that is still on maps, but that doesn't exist anymore.

Director: Roberto Zazzara

Roberto Zazzara shares life between his two fields of work: directing and taking pictures.
He directed many short movies, documentaries, music videos, theatre plays, tv movies.
He won prizes, and has been selected by hundreds of festivals.
Tiro a vuoto (Empty Shot), is his most awarded short movie, also selected by Nastri D’Argento (Silver Ribbons).
Documentary A piedi sul filo (Walking on the Thread) won Festival di Bellaria and other prizes.
His next project is the coming soon documentary Transumanza (Transhumance), the first example of his “experiential cinema” project. He collaborated with famous dutch composer Ernst Reijseger (Cave of forgotten dreams) for the original soundtrack.


Film Type:Documentary
Genres:road movie, experimental, environment, atmosphere, philosophy
Runtime:1 hour 2 minutes
Completion Date:July 11, 2015
Country of Origin:Italy
Country of Filming:Italy
Film Language:Italian

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