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Her and Hubbub

Her and Hubbub is a story about a young woman who gets haunted by an inner turmoil called the Hubbub. Through a series of events Her finally manages to overcome the Hubbub only to realise that by the end of it she is scarred for life.

Director: Kyle Xuereb Cunningham

Director’s Statement

I am an Animation student, a foodie and I'd weigh as much as a whale were it not that I live in London and travel a lot by foot (or by train - those tube stations have too many stairs). I love books, music and Alfred Hitchcock; and this is where I usually get mostly inspired. Whilst my life routine is a medley of drawing, eating and reading, my mantra is "I'll sleep when I'm dead" with compliments to whoever came up with that quote.


Film Type:Animation, Short, Student
Genres:Drama, Fantasy
Runtime:3 minutes
Completion Date:June 1, 2015
Country of Origin:United Kingdom
Country of Filming:United Kingdom
Film Language:English

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