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Beyond the Frames

Beyond the Frames is the story of us living in the misery of not understanding the frames and structures, and escaping from the truth. This film is made under very hard situation of Iran, with courage of the crew, using the illegal and forbidden Dance art form here, to tell the world all the barriers and structures can be removed, if we decide to break them. First step, is knowing what are the frames.

Director: Tanin Torabi

Tanin Torabi was born in Tehran, Iran in 1992. She works as a freelance dancer, choreographer, and teacher there. Tanin’s interest in dance began at the young age of four, but because there were no dance schools in Iran, she had no opportunity to truly pursue her passion. She spent years searching everywhere for more information about the dance world and to try to find someone to learn from. Studying Sociology, she decided to investigate more about humanity and to portray moral and spiritual concepts through dance. In 2013 she attended, Creating Site-Specific Dance and Performance, an online course taught by Stephan Koplowitz. She has since decided to dedicate the rest of her life to training dancers and choreographing site-specific dances in Iran. Torabi would like to share this art form and the concepts she conveys in her work with the people of her country. In 2014, Tanin made a dance film called "Immensity" that was screened in The Outlet Dance Project's festival, New Jersey, Dubuque Art Gallery's Festival, Iowa and in many underground studios in Iran.


Film Type:Short, Student, Other
Genres:Dance, Experimental, Narrative, women, international, newmedia
Runtime:9 minutes 55 seconds
Completion Date:July 15, 2015
Production Budget:500 USD
Country of Origin:Iran, Islamic Republic of
Country of Filming:Iran, Islamic Republic of
Film Language:English, Persian

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