четверг, 10 сентября 2015 г.

"For Electra's Love"

'One word frees us off all the burden and pain of life. That word is...' This is the question which passionate Electra has to answer. An ambitious and charming actress, named after the mythical heroine of the Sophoclean tragedy, has the unique chance to play the challenging role of her namesake. However, in order to successfully portray the psychologically complexed character of the play, she has to confront first her own self and past. Her 'accomplice' is her co-star, George, who seems to have an insight on her deepest secrets and thoughts.

Director: Ioannis Makropoulos

Ioannis Makropoulos was born in 1991, in Athens, Greece. He is a Political Science and History graduate and a Theatre Drama School graduate. He has directed several theatre productions in Athens (Alice in Wonderland, A midsummer's night dream, Waiting for Godot, Hotel Paradiso, etc.). He has won several literary awards. "For Electra's Love" is his film debut.


Film Type:Short
Genres:Film noir, Romance, Thriller
Runtime:15 minutes 13 seconds
Completion Date:June 15, 2015
Production Budget:400 EUR
Country of Origin:Greece
Country of Filming:Greece

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