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The choices of Maelys

Maelys, 15 years-old, has no illusions about life. One night, after another fight with her stepfather, she makes the choice to run away from home.
This night, she'll spend it in a car. Then, in her wanderings through the city, she'll meet with a bunch of eccentrics, who wants to live life without restraint and she'll be seduced by their freedom.
She will become part of their group and make with them the apprenticeship of the street and its codes, of life, between panhandling, small offenses and excesses of all kinds.
Maelys has decided to do what she wants and like all the teenagers she makes extreme choices. The choice to be different, the choice of marginality.
In the end all that matters is that, they're her choices.

Director: Florent MAGNOAC

Born in France, he studied cinema right from high school. Graduated from the New-York Film Academy, he directed a few shorts who were presented in many international festivals.
He spent a few years abroad travelling and working as a camera operator and editor on documentaries for TV. He created his own production company making TV music programs.
Back in France, he has worked on short-movies and feature scripts in parallel. He created the association fulFILMent production in order to develop freely his own projects.


Film Type:Short
Runtime:23 minutes 52 seconds
Completion Date:June 2, 2015
Production Budget:2,500 USD
Country of Origin:France
Country of Filming:France
Film Language:French

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