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Theodora and Gabriel, spend their last hours together before Theodora leaves to the desert . Throughout their lives they have always been together, never apart for such a long time. The tension grows between them as the day passes by; they play games, but their actions are tinged with sadness as the moment of parting approaches. Throughout this they must come to accept each other's loss, and grow into their future selves.

Director: Irene Gomez Emilsson

I am a London based filmmaker. I was born and raised in Mexico with an Icelandic background. After a BA in film studies in Paris-where I acquired critical and analytical skills- I enrolled the London Film School, at the LFS I specialized in cinematography but also thoroughly discovered all aspects of filmmaking. I directed my graduation film, Deserts.
I have worked in more than 30 productions at different roles, always learning something new, understanding better what it is to create a film from the premises to the final product.
I am passionate and an excellent team player always looking for new and exciting collaboration. Working with skilled filmmakers is always thrilling and fulfilling.


Film Type:Student
Runtime:24 minutes 15 seconds
Completion Date:September 20, 2014
Production Budget:13,000 GBP
Country of Origin:United Kingdom
Country of Filming:United Kingdom
Film Language:English

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