воскресенье, 13 сентября 2015 г.

The Santa

Santa Claus receives a letter from a rich man's child, who, together with Santa, wants to deliver toys to the other children in a magical sleigh. Santa Claus decides to make his wish come true, but he is surprised when the guards of the rich man's house did not let him in. Santa must fulfill the child's wish at any price.

Director: Levon Petrosyan - Film Director, Animator

Santa Claus is a film aimed at young children, but it would also be interesting to a universal audience. Funny tricks and Christmas holiday mood convey positive emotions throughout the film. A child's innocence is that radiant point, which people shouldn't lose till the end of their lives. Santa Claus is the realization of a childhood dream in the film. A child remains a child, with its sincerity and good wishes, regardless of its social status. There are no mean characters in the film. The guards who are opposed to Santa are just doing their job.


Film Type:Animation
Genres:Comedy Children Family
Runtime:6 minutes 7 seconds
Completion Date:July 15, 2015
Production Budget:35,000 USD
Country of Origin:Armenia
Country of Filming:Armenia

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