четверг, 3 сентября 2015 г.

Rough Ride

Wannabe gangsters One and Two are anxious to go on their first real assignment. Under surveillance by their boss, they start hesitating and little by little all hell breaks loose as the two are working their magic.

Director: Aleksi Puranen

Aleksi Puranen (b. 1978) is a screenwriter and director from Finland. He graduated with BA in media culture from Kemi-Tornio University of Applied Sciences, Finland, in 2006 and with MA in Film Screenwriting from the University of Salford, UK, in 2012.
He has worked as lighting technician, assistant director and production assistant until 2012 when he graduated from University of Salford in 2012. Since then he has focused solely on writing, directing and producing. He has written for theatre, commercials and film. Most of his projects are comedies. He is currently writing feature-length comedy called "Impaled Rektum" for Finnish production company Making Movies for Jukka Vidgren and Juuso Laatio to direct and also developing a feature-length documentary for Visual Norden Oy.


Film Type:Short
Genres:Crime, Comedy
Runtime:12 minutes 30 seconds
Completion Date:May 20, 2014
Production Budget:8,000 EUR
Country of Origin:Finland
Country of Filming:Finland
Film Language:Finnish

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