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A street artist has a flat life marked by an unsympathetic attitude to people and to the noisy reality surrounding him. Meeting his soulmate brings him back to communicate in a new original way and gives his life a new perspective.

Director: Edoardo Palma

In 2007 Edoardo Palma shoots the short movie "Tac Tic", story of a man who lives an existence marked by the ticking of clocks. 2009 to 2010 makes four short films for Abbott S.p.A.
In may 2010 he competes in the italian 48 Hour Film Project with the short "Gesti" (Gestures) winning Best Film and Best Writing awards. The same short wins at Miami Filmpalooza (march 2011) the Best Photography award and gets two mentions for Directing and Editing. In 2011 takes part in the 48GoGreen competition with the short "Charlie, the man who brought back the sea" and wins the contest. The two shorts "Gesti" and "Charlie" are screened in Cannes Film Festival 2011, in the Short Film Corner. In 2012 he contributes to the foundation of the creative group Full Of Beans, producing and directing several music videos and commercials (http://bit.ly/1hMdKvx). In 2013 he writes and directs the short movie "Yet, the best universe ever" and the stage play "Come il ghiaccio coi cocktail" (As the ice with cocktail).


Film Type:Short
Genres:Romance, Drama
Runtime:20 minutes 36 seconds
Completion Date:December 20, 2014
Production Budget:40,000 EUR
Country of Origin:Italy
Country of Filming:Italy


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