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Novell is a film about the breach between childs and adults world and the inevitable change that growth brings told via encounter between girl and a horse.

Director: Inka Matilainen

Inka matilainen has graduated from the Academy of Pekka Halonen as an visual and media artist and has been working with visual and performing arts for several years. Currently she is continuing her studies at the University of Art and Design Helsinki UIAH, School of Motion Picture, Television and Production Design at the department of Production design.
Novell is Matilainen ́s third direction work, which she has also written and animated. Her previous film " The Guardian" has so far toured several festivals in Europe and won jurys special mention in St. Petersburg International debut­ and student film festival 2014 and national competition in Helsinki Animatriks 2015.


Film Type:Animation
Runtime:7 minutes 17 seconds
Completion Date:December 12, 2014
Country of Origin:Finland


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