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A riddle has fascinated human civilization for ages. What is the purpose of our existence? In the pursuit of an answer, we have reached a mere understanding. Perhaps we are born to do what we do best. But this gives rise to a fallacy. In the process of ‘doing our best’, the ‘our’ takes over the ‘doing’. The doer overpowers the deed, and the entire civilization gets trapped in the vicious cycle of ‘making a mark’. We feel our name, rather than our contributions, would give us a place in the vast eternity of time.

Director: Ayan Banerjee

Ayan Banerjee is an Indian script writer, and film maker. He works on individual Ad production and short films in Kolkata/Mumbai. Formerly a software engineer, Ayan left the software industry to pursue his long term dream of Film Making. He underwent film direction course from ZIMA (Zee institute of Media Arts), a prominent film school in Mumbai, India. His short film REFLECTED DREAMS was specially awarded by the MINISTRY OF INFORMATION AND BROADCASTING; GOVT. OF INDIA . It also received the BEST CONCEPT AWARD at 'Mumbai Shorts International Film Festival.'


Film Type:Short, Student
Genres:exprimental, philosophical
Runtime:14 minutes 20 seconds
Completion Date:May 1, 2015
Production Budget:1,000 USD
Country of Origin:India
Country of Filming:India
Film Language:English

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