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Pregnant Man

After falling pregnant, a man suffers many kinds of pressure : external and internal. Unless quite the opposite is true...

Director: Charlie Mars

Born on April 14th, 1980. It's after qualifying as a plasterer that he ventures into many different disciplines, soon becoming: a wizard, a diaper delivery man, a comedian, a punk singer, etc.

In 2004, alone in his bathroom, armed with a rainbow balaclava and a surveillance camera, he tries his hand at video, creating various surreal movies which will guide him steadily towards more sophisticated productions. Internet becomes his favorite playground in 2005, with the arrival of the first video-sharing platforms. He posts an abundance of shorts and experiments.

Paying close attention to new forms of creation, in 2008 he produced two monumental video installations "mortelle banane” and "anatomie et cacahuete” (literally: "deadly banana" and "anatomy and peanut").
In parallel he is scouted by french TV channel “Canal +” where he presents the show "les films faits à la maison" ("Homemade films") from 2008 to 2010.
He has filmed many music videos and also directed two musicals for children, in 2011 and 2013, in Quebec, Canada.

A director, but also performer, handyman and videomaker, Charlie Mars is a disciple of subversion and of universes of the absurd.


Film Type:Short, Other
Runtime:15 minutes 40 seconds
Completion Date:January 15, 2015
Production Budget:100 USD
Country of Origin:France
Country of Filming:France

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