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Nameless Children

The older brother, who looks after his younger disabled brother, makes their living by collecting and selling scrap metals. They have a very hard life. Only dream of disabled brother is having a wheelchair. One day, the older brother meets a young girl and her old, frail Father in the wheelchair. He steals the wheelchair in order to make his younger brother’s dream come true. But everything goes into a wrong direction and causes the dead of old man.

Director: Süleyman Karaaslan

Süleyman Karaaslan
Süleyman Karaaslan, who was born in Kiziltepe/Mardin, met with cinema during high school days. He attented to a short film studio of director Hüseyin Kuzu and studied script writing there. After these lessons, he worked for International Film Festival in Mardin for four years. After graduated from Muğla University of Turkey, he currently studies in Anadolu University of Turkey.


Film Type:Short, Student
Runtime:11 minutes 30 seconds
Completion Date:December 12, 2014
Country of Origin:Turkey
Country of Filming:Turkey
Film Language:Turkish

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