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Forgotten Sex Slaves - Comfort Women in the Philippines

During the Second World War thousands of women in Asia were forced to work as prostitutes for Japanese soldiers. Some of them were still teenagers. They were raped, often beaten and abused. The Japanese called them “ianfu” or Comfort Women. After the war the survivors struggled to continue with their lives, hiding what many considered to be a “shame”. After having been silent for more than 50 years they have started to tell their stories. Until today, they are waiting for an adequate compensation and official acknowledgment of their victimization. They are in their Eighties and Nineties now and time is running out for them.

This intimate, touching film tells the story of nine comfort women in the Philippines and follows their efforts to find justice before they die.

Director: Bjoern Jensen

In over 25 years, Björn worked as supervising producer, executive producer and consultant on Dozens of documentary and feature films, many of them award-winning. Credits include “Quiet Days in Hollywood” with Hilary Swank, “Montreal Symphony” (winner best Canadian documentary at FIFA), “Under the Ice” (winner best documentary at Kuala Lumpur Festival), “Scientists Under Attack” (winner 11 international festival awards) and many more. He holds a Master Degree in German and English Literature (MA) and an International Business MBA and is board member of several film associations. Björn worked for 15 years as Head of Production for the production company Kick Film GmbH before he founded Ginger Foot Films in 2007.


Film Type:Documentary
Genres:Social, Current Affaires, History
Runtime:46 minutes
Completion Date:March 1, 2015
Country of Origin:Germany
Country of Filming:Philippines
Film Language:English

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