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Let Me Help You

Aya is having a wonderful day, when all of a sudden she finds herself chasing a couple of bicycle thieves. She manages to reach and with a hard blow knock them to the ground.
The sight of blood and the severe injuries flood Aya with feelings of guilt, which move her to an unexpected behavior.

Director: Leon Livshitz

A young cosmopolitan filmmaker who traveled the world and his films along with him.
The films visited major cities like Tel Aviv, New York, Los Angeles, St, Petersburg, Mumbai and many more.
Each film differs from the other both in genre and tone, ranging from Suspenseful Drama to Experimental Documentaries, to Comedy.
In the last couple of years participated in some of the most prestigious international workshops around the world: CinemaDaMare – Rome, European Summer Film School - Belgrade, Generation Campus - Moscow, DFFB - Berlin and others.
Latest film “Let Me Help You” 2014 won best international film in the prestigious “Vision” film festival in Russia.
Currently developing a feature film with major Israeli production company based on the short.


Genres:Drama, Fiction, Suspense, Horror
Runtime:17 minutes 11 seconds
Completion Date:June 10, 2013
Production Budget:5,000 USD
Country of Origin:Israel
Country of Filming:Israel

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