вторник, 14 июля 2015 г.

Pizza Money Star System

A couple on a hallucinogenic trip conspire to rob a liquor store to pay for a pizza delivery

Director: Sean Mercado

Sean Mercado is the director/writer/editor/composer/vfx artist of Pizza Money Star System. As a filmmaker, he combines absurdist/surreal elements to seemingly familiar scenarios to create a collection of off kilter works. While his films generally tilt towards comedy, his emphasis on visuals and bizarre characters give his films a deeper viewing experience than typical films in the genre. Inspired by such filmmakers as Gilliam and Linklater, the world and characters he creates are flawed, absurd and evocative of curiosity.


Film Type:Short
Genres:Comedy, Experimental
Runtime:5 minutes 33 seconds
Country of Origin:United States
Country of Filming:United States
Film Language:English

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