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Marijan and Kičma are two eighteen year old boys that live in an orphanage. As soon as they come of age, they are obliged to leave the non-parental care facility. Their plan is travel to Zagreb an stay in Igor's apartment. Although they are skeptical of the reason he has invited them, they know they will have to accept.

Director: Leo Vitasovic

I was born in 1996 in Zagreb. I can fluently speak in Croatian and English - I have a Cambridge IGCSE diploma in English, ranked C1. I've been making films since the second grade of primary school. At the moment, I am attending the bilingual class at X. gimnazija "Ivan Supek" high school in Zagreb in Croatian and English. With my films I have taken part in many of Croatia's festivals, like Revija hrvatskog filmskog stvaralaštva, Filmska revija mladeži u Karlovcu, Dubrovnik film festival, Revija amaterskog filma (RAF), Lidrano, Revija filmskog i videostvaralaštva djece i Camera Zizanio festival (in Greece), Balkan Food Film Festival (Albania), Hollywood Weekly’s Short Film Festival (USA) etc. In 2013 on Dubrovnik film festival and Umag film festival I got "Public's choice" award and the award for "Best fiction film" for the film "Chained Colours" (Originally titled: "Teške boje"). I am a member of “Blank_filmski inkubator” in which I hold workshops for teenagers and make my own films. Except in “Blank_filmski inkubator”, I often travel outside of Zagreb to hold workshops, i.e. for "Gerger film" in Požega, “Summer film school in Kraljevica” etc. For the company “33pt Videos” I make TV and radio commercials and music videos. I was a jury member in Istanbul in 2014 at the Youth’s film festival. My work in the past included directing, camera work, light operating, editing, Color Correcting and grading, and finally, sound recording and design. After finishing high school I plan on studying film at the Academy of Dramatic arts.


Film Type:Short, Student
Genres:Action, drama
Runtime:27 minutes 9 seconds
Completion Date:March 20, 2015
Production Budget:1,000 EUR
Country of Origin:Croatia
Country of Filming:Croatia
Film Language:Croatian

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