четверг, 22 октября 2015 г.

The Choır

Mistake of living in three different monotheistic religions belonging to the people of brotherhood, coexistence in on peace and tolerance, the same water washing of live readings of the same street in the same school desks and sing hymns to songs of each other, was the person who adopts the fraternal life described on sections of life.

Director: Ahmet Bikiç

Ahmet was born in Mardin in 1980. He worked as a photographer and cameraman for many years. He got training on cinema at Mardin Kent Film Evi. He studied with full-fee schlorship at the department of Communication Design in İstanbul Kültür University and graduated in 2010. He started to work at the centre for research and development at the same university. He worked as the director and the director of photography for several documentaries and short films. He also designed personal exhibitions. He is a postgraduate student at the department of Communication Design in İstanbul Kültür University, Institute of Social Sciences. He is still working for on-going documentary and short film projects.


Film Type:Documentary, Feature, Short, Student
Runtime:20 minutes 32 seconds
Completion Date:April 11, 2015
Production Budget:3,000 USD
Country of Origin:Turkey
Country of Filming:Turkey
Film Language:Turkish

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