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In the near future

Samy, a fifteen-year-old French boy of Algerian descent, drifts through his city . He engages in a dialogue with his conscience and attempts to portray his friends and their dreams for the future. His quest for answers about his origin, his place within society, his life to come takes him on a journey that could lead to new beginnings...

Director: Franck Frappa

After the Academy of dramatic arts of Nice France, Franck Frappa forms as an actor to the technique of Sandford Meisner to the William Alderson studio of New York then at the school of dramatic arts Florent in Paris. He begins then an acting career and plays at theater with following directors : Vincent Lacoste, Pascale Nandillon, Yvan Heidsieck, Robert Cordier, Nicolas Klotz, Hubert Colas, Frédérique Duchêne and he has been directed in movies by Pierre Merejkowsky, Yvan Heidsieck, Thierry Dejean and Pierre Beccu. To the theater, he approaches authors as Edward Bond, Didier George Gabily, Sarah Kane, Jean-Luc Nancy, Ibsen, Beckett, Koltès, Michaux, Shakespeare, etc. In 2006 he begins a new career as an assistant director for film and TV. During these years he develops at the same time as his activity of assistant director, workshops theater in Jail and he organizes since 2009 a theater workshop of contemporary authors with teenagers in partnership with several municipalities. In 2013 he directed his first two short films "Augustin" and "Comedy" with non professional teenagers. He directed two other short films in 2013 and 2014, "Wesh" and " A near future " according to the same principle to hand over to the teenagers through a film work.


Film Type:Short
Genres:Drama, Adolescent, inmigration, reality recorder
Runtime:16 minutes
Completion Date:February 16, 2015
Production Budget:15,000 EUR
Country of Origin:France
Country of Filming:France
Film Language:French


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