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Lance Loree is a country musician in Nanton, South Alberta, Canada. He grew up in a very conventional way of farming but twelve years ago, when he inherited a piece of the family farm, he decided to make a transition into organic farming. Every morning he is early at work and late at home and when that daily life becomes a little tiring or stressful, music is here to relax our man.

Director: Laura Taubman

Laura Taubman was born in Paris in 1987. Coming from a family where visual arts are very important, she naturally follows that pass and studies for six years Litterature and Cinema in different french and spanish Universities. Next to it, she directs different documentary films as A San Pedro at the Quilombos, Maria Angela’s farm, A Tiny Drop of Change, screened and selected in various festivals such as EKOTOP, Slovakia, Cinespacio and The 2nd Festival for nonviolence and environment, both in Columbia, Portneuf Film Festival, in Quebec or Manosque Films Meeting, in France. Recently she finished her first 52 minutes documentary film named Lance, which is the end of a reflection about the importance of choices in Life. Late 2014, she began a PHD in Anthropological studies at The School of Advanced Studies in Social Sciences.


Film Type:Documentary
Runtime:53 minutes
Completion Date:March 31, 2015
Production Budget:1,500 USD
Country of Origin:France
Country of Filming:Canada
Film Language:English

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