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Burden’s weight

Konrad shoots one of two man who robbed his jewelry store. He is released upon his right of self-defense. But as his personal guilt strangles him, he learns that the second offender is closer to him than suspected.
Based on a true story.

Director: Viviane Andereggen

Viviane Andereggen was born in 1985 in Zurich and raised in Switzerland and Hungary. At the age of 16, she left home to live in occupied houses. She worked as a photographer and realized many video projects in different theatres all over Germany and Switzerland (for e.g.: Gorki Theatre Berlin, Schauspiel Düsseldorf, - Hannover, - Basel). She also realized several TV adverts in Mozambique for the Mozambican ministry of tourism and transport. Viviane studied P.I. design at the Hyperwerk in Basel, where she also built her own theatre and founded her own theatre group. Viviane then proceeded to Hamburg where she started Film Studies at the University of Art. There, she directed her first short films (of which onealready won an award) before deciding to transfer to Hamburg Media School.
2014, Burden’s weight (short, HD), Hamburg Media School
2013, For Lotte (short, black&white, 35 mm), Dogwalker (short, HD) Hamburg Media School


Film Type:Short, Student
Runtime:21 minutes 33 seconds
Completion Date:November 27, 2014
Production Budget:32,000 EUR
Country of Origin:Germany
Country of Filming:Germany
Film Language:German

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