пятница, 28 августа 2015 г.


An old woodcarving master wants to end his life but is interrupted by a french girl named Juliette - and then... then life happens.

Director: Tomo Novosel

Tu se piše življenje/Here life is written (84'', 2013, SLO)
Vezela (documentary, 52'', 2014, SLO)
Rezbar/Woodcarver (24'', 2015, SLO)

Director’s Statement

I'm making movies simply because I have the urge to tell stories, maybe those that no one else wants to tell, but have to be told!


Film Type:Short
Runtime:24 minutes 6 seconds
Completion Date:June 27, 2015
Production Budget:500 USD
Country of Origin:Slovenia
Country of Filming:Slovenia
Film Language:French, Slovenian

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