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Somos Amigos (We Are Friends)

What would you do if you had to fire your best friend? It is at this point where Julio (a young businessman of an apparently reliable firm) finds himself when he learns that Santi, along with twenty four other workers under his service, has to be fired. His boss and friend Max tries to advise him on how to handle the situation, but it soon becomes increasingly entangled.
Somos Amigos (We Are Friends) is a short film that seeks to explore the limits between friendship and work... if they exist at all.

Director: Carlos Solano

Carlos Solano (Madrid, 1988) graduated in Audiovisual Communication from Rey Juan Carlos University, Madrid in 2011. Being one of the most prominent directors of his class, he created a group with some of his colleagues called El Punto C Creaciones, working as a director, a producer and an editor of video clips and commercials for firms and groups such as the Spanish NGO organization Medicos del Mundo, Obra Social Caja Madrid or Club Deportivo Leganes S.A.D.


Film Type:Short
Genres:Comedy, Drama
Runtime:12 minutes 45 seconds
Completion Date:January 15, 2014
Production Budget:8,000 EUR
Country of Origin:Spain
Country of Filming:Spain
Film Language:Spanish

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