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Alfaro Vive Carajo Documentary

During the 80´s the left wing movement Alfaro Vive Carajo operated in Ecuador. The traits of this aggrupation were: youth of their members (between 16 and 30 years old), critique to the orthodox political thinking, frantic growth of the organization, spectacular and clever actions, and the devastating way that the government fought them. A quarter of century later, the survivors tale the story that was hidden and disguised. A normal youth confronted against dramatic picks of tenderness, comedy and tragedy

Director: Mauricio Samaniego Ponce

He obtained his masters degree in Film Screenwriting at Madrid Autonomous University. He attended screenwriting, actor direction and cinematography direction workshops.
He did several works for television as scriptwriter and producer: “Memorias de Quito” (“Quito Memories”), “Resutla que…” (“It turns out…”), recuperating and adapting oral memories; or “Tribula”, a highly accepted comic series.


Film Type:Documentary
Country of Origin:Ecuador
Country of Filming:Ecuador
Film Language:Spanish

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