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The push

A married couple, consisting of an aggressive news reporter with control issues, and a misfortunate camera operator. The pair planned to interview, who they thought was a scam artists; desperate for a spot in the spotlight, who claims that he can travel in time. Unfortunately, the time traveler's flat however, is unhappy with the sudden invasion and repeatedly continuous to send the confused couple back in time. Their time travelling antics will continue until the couple saves the life of a heart broken and his bride, as well as resolve private family issues and start believing into miracle.

Director: Alexey Naumov, Ph.D, CFA

Born in Moscow region. In 1997 he graduated from Moscow Bauman State Technical University and joined the Directing Acting Faculty of Moscow Shchukin Theatre School, as well as becoming a graduate student of the Academy of Sciences Institute of the USA and Canada. In 2000 he defended his graduate thesis “The budget policy of the USA at the turn of the century” and made his theatrical debut with the production of A. Stroganov "Foxes in the Desert" at Teatr.doc in Moscow. Until 2013 he directed a theatre studio, as a teacher for theatre actors and worked as the financial analyst as well. In 2013 he enrolled at the Higher Courses for Scriptwriters and Directors. He made short films, including “The push”, “IT”, “The apples”, “Onion”, “The Chess-players”, which have won festival awards.


Film Type:Short, Student
Runtime:11 minutes 43 seconds
Completion Date:January 5, 2015
Country of Origin:Russian Federation
Country of Filming:Russian Federation
Film Language:Russian

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