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Fearless Fight

"Fearless Fight" is a short independent film that depicts the life of Ricardo de la Cruz, a young man who finds hope in the most unexpected place. After serving several years in prison, he comes out to realize that life is more challenging with a criminal record. He goes through several phases of rejection and then comes to find his passion and his only hope to a better life.

Director: Marie J. Magdaleno

Marie is a 24 yr. old, independent filmmaker from Brownsville, Texas. At the age of 17, she started to attend film workshops in Texas while pursuing her Bachelor's of Art in Communications. Marie graduated from the University of Texas- Brownsville and soon after, Marie landed her first big budget film as a wardrobe production assistant on the set of, "A Night in Old Mexico," which starred Robert Duvall and Jeremy Irvine. After that movie, she started doing shorts and eventually co-wrote a film, "Fearless Fight," with her mother in which Marie also directed. After the completion of "Fearless Fight", her first independent film, she landed another role as Property Master for the movie, "Endgame," starring Rico Rodriguez, Valente Rodriguez and Efran Ramirez. Marie has a passion for filmmaking and hopes to become better in every aspect of the industry.


Film Type:Short
Runtime:16 minutes 25 seconds
Completion Date:March 31, 2015
Country of Origin:United States
Film Language:English

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