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Such a small world

Isabel is an octogenarian woman who lives alone at home and hardly relates to her neighbours. She hasn’t slept much the night before and the day seems longer than usual. Absorbed in her memories and daily activities, Isabel will come across a feeling that has lived within her throughout her life.

Director: Emilia Ruiz

In 2015, Emilia Ruiz has obtained the MASTER CINEMATOGRAPHIC DIRECTION by the European University Campus-San Miguel University. In 2010, She has completed her diploma in MEISNER TECNIQUE for actors with Javier Galitó-Cava and Rachel Adler. Previously she had trained with several teachers as: Alejandro Giles, Pactrick Wengenroth, Guillermo Ghio, Kari Margolis, Alejandro Catalan, John Strasberg, Joseph Alford, Bob McAndrew, Enrique Vargas, Christophe Marchand and Boris Rotenstein. Apart from that, she explores different body Languages disciplines like: Fitzmaurice Method with Catherine Fitzmaurice, Bioenergetics with Susi Ghio, Movement and voice with Matthew Graham Smith, Linklater Method with Cristine Adaire, Feldenkrais Method with Beatriz Walterspiel and Sabina Dahrendorf, and Flamenco and Belly dancing. Throughout this period, she has worked as an Actress in many short films and pieces of theatre. Simultaneously, she works as a Dramaturge and Theatrical Designer for the following projects: “La cuna ausente”, “Descenso”, “Pánico contenido” and “Se-cre-to”. In 2012 she was invited to participate as an Actor’s Coach in the film “El árbol sin sombra”.


Genres:Fiction, Drama, Social, Migration, Identity, Childhood-oldage, Femme
Runtime:17 minutes 47 seconds
Completion Date:May 7, 2013
Country of Origin:Spain
Country of Filming:Spain

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