вторник, 25 августа 2015 г.

God is American

Since the end of World War II, the people of Tanna, a remote island in the South Pacific in the archepelago of Vanuatu, idolize an American prophet. His name is John Frum. The islanders believe he is an American pilot that returned to the United States after the war, and will come back to Tanna with riches from the US that they call « the Cargo ». They pray to an American flag, awaiting his return. One man, Isaac the Last One, chief of the « Cargo cult », claims he is Frum’s son. He has formed an army of GI’s to celebrate the return of the prophet John Frum.


Runtime:52 minutes
Completion Date:September 5, 2007
Production Budget:12,000 EUR
Country of Origin:France
Country of Filming:Vanuatu

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