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Lionel and Garda after being fired from their jobs and stay a long time unemployed, get hired by a government agency to conduct an epic work: satisfy the most diverse sexual fantasies of people. So They will dress as Romans for the kindergarten teacher who is already frequent customer of the Company, or traveling by train, dressed up like other characters to the confines of a nearby city to comply with an order of an elderly couple. The situation oppresses Lionel to the point of wanting to escape from the institution, headed by a strange character, but Garda, great denier and worshiper of always seeing the glass half full, tries to contain him to continue being lost every day in this impasse, disguised as paradise. Garda and Lionel lives a parallel universe of the one we live, in an almost immediate future where today's world intersects the heyday of the Roman Empire, showing us how similar we are to the civilizations of that time Under the blanket Romans acid and absurd humor, hides a criticism of our daily lives.

Director: Andrés Cedrón

Andrés Cedrón nace en 1979 en la provincia de Neuquén, Argentina. A los 24 años comienza sus estudios en cinematografía siguiendo la carrera de Diseño de imagen y Sonido de la Facultad de Diseño y Urbanismo de la Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA). Allí se dedica principalmente a la Dirección y el Montaje de varios cortometrajes.


Film Type:Web / New Media
Genres:comedy, black comedy
Runtime:1 hour 4 minutes
Production Budget:45,000 USD
Country of Origin:Argentina
Country of Filming:Argentina
Film Language:Spanish

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