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A Prison Dog

From a territory of an old and bleak building – former prison – were found 24 dogs who were starving, timid with people and full of parasites. How does live one of those dogs today?

Director: Piret Kuub

Piret Kuub is a freelance actor, director, writer, theatre critic. In 2006 she earned best actress prize in performance „A Little Guppy“ in Estonian national amateur theatre festival, and in 2008 best actress gold medal for the same performance in international amateur theatre festival in Saint Petersburg.
Piret Kuub has studied theatre science in Tartu University, received a master´s degree in 2011. In her master´s thesis she studied actor in a role and situation of performance based on her own stage experience. She studied art history as minor speciality. Piret Kuub has studied acting in theatre class, in studios and in different trainings. She has also engaged in forum theatre.


Film Type:Documentary, Feature, Television, Web / New Media
Runtime:1 hour 36 minutes 48 seconds
Completion Date:August 3, 2015
Production Budget:5 EUR
Country of Origin:Estonia
Country of Filming:Estonia
Film Language:Estonian


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